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Ecolochem Magyaróvár Kft welcomes you to its website and is pleased to introduce itself to you as the leading producer of aluminium salts in Central Europe.
With the experience of half a century in the production of aluminum salts, we have firmly committed ourselves to supplying our partners and customers exclusively with products which meet the highest quality standards.
  Our highly qualified and experienced employees consistently improve the current production processes and develop new products, while working on more cost-efficient customer-specific solutions.
As a result, we are able to distribute our products to some 30 national markets, on three different continents, with an export rate of over 95%.



















While aluminium sulphate still remains the company’s major product, EcoloChem has managed to continuously and successfully expand its product line during the last decade. Today the range includes various aluminium, ferric and magnesium salts.

ECM currently offers the following products:


Based on Aluminium
  • Aluminium sulphate solid – AS
  • Aluminium sulphate liquid – ASL
  • Various Polyaluminium chlorides – MO-PAC
    • MO-PAC 18 S – standard product
    • MO-PAC HB/HBL – high basicity product
    • MO-PAC UHB – ultra high basicity product
    • MO-PAC UHBP – spraydried ultra high basicity product
  • Sodium aluminate – NA19, NA20, NA21, NA24
Based on Iron
  • Iron(II) chloride – F2C
  • Iron(III) sulphate – F3S


Based on Magnesium
  • Magnesium sulphate – MS48, MS60




In addition, the company offers a large range of mixtures of metal salts, which are customised for specific partner or market requirements:


  • MO-FIX C – mixtures of polyaluminium chloride and iron(II) chloride
  • MO-FIX S – mixtures of aluminium sulphate and iron(III) sulphate





Its total yearly output of 60,000 tons makes EcoloChem Magyaróvár’s plant the largest one for aluminium salts in Central Europe. In addition, the company started its production of ferric and magnesium salts in 2010.
The company premises include two separate plants covering a total area of 7,000 m².
   The computerized and completely automated processes are fine-tuned and constantly upgraded to meet specific customer wishes and have reached state-of-the-art quality, due to the staff’s decades-long experience and high qualifications.













EcoloChem Magyaróvár has firmly committed itself to supplying its partners and customers exclusively with products which meet the highest quality standards. In order to guarantee customer satisfaction the company also strives to continuously offer impeccable service.
   The company maintains an extensive quality assurance system, which includes an initial examination of the raw materials, multi-level production controls and a thorough final inspection of finished products.
All products are manufactured according to ISO 9001. In addition, construction chemicals are also in accordance with the CE certification.













Based on decades in the market, EcoloChem can draw on unparalleled logistical experience and equipment. Today the company offers a variety of possibilities to meet the wishes of its customers, such as:

  • Solid products
    • Paper Bags
    • PE-Bags
    • Big bags
    • Bulk
Palletised goods are wrapped in stretch foil and can be additionally equipped with shrink foil


  • Liquid products
    • IBC
    • Bulk
2. Storage
  • Capacity for solid products: more than 10,000 m² storage area
  • Capacity for liquid products (total of acid-proof and steel containers): approx. 1,500 m³
3. Mode of Transport
  • Truck (trucks for palletised goods, bulk trucks, dump trucks, tank trucks)
  • Train (2 company-owned siding tracks, which enable the handling of entire block trains)
  • Ship / Barge (pre-carriage of 30 km)
  • 20” container for solid and bulk liquid container (BLC) for liquid goods






From the beginning of its business activities EcoloChem Magyaróvár was fully committed to prevent environmental pollution beyond the common statutory regulations. While the majority of the company’s products are applied directly in the treatment of waste water and drinking water, the company constantly optimizes its production processes and continues to invest in two major directions:

  • Development of solutions for recycling other companies’ waste
  • Development of technologies for the limitation of emissions

The recycling of other manufacturers’ aluminous and ferrous wastes is one example, the installation of numerous gas scrubbers – together with the recirculation of scrubbed substances into the production processes – is another.
EcoloChem Magyaróvár has been ISO 14001 certified since 2004 and has always run its production according to the highest environmental standards.









About us




EcoloChem Magyaróvár Kft was originally founded on the 1st of January, 2001 under the name Motim Aluminiumsulfát Kft Previously it had been a division of Motim Rt which had been responsible since 1960 for the chemical processing of aluminium oxide and in particular the production of aluminium sulphate. Between 1973 and 1978 a new plant was built in order to ensure the continuous production of 60,000 tons of solid Aluminium sulphate per year.
2002 the company was acquired by the Austrian Industrierohstoffe HandelsgmbH. This led to a number of technological developments from 2004 on:

2004 – Construction of new capacities for the yearly production of 15,000 tons liquid aluminium sulphate
2005 – Acquisition of a 200 m² area for experimental production lines
– Setting up of the company laboratory
2006 – Switching production of aluminium sulphate to autoclaves
2007 – Development of aluminium sulphate-based finished products for construction chemicals
2008 – New capacities for the yearly production of 15,000 tons of polyaluminium chloride
2009 – Complete automatization of the production processes
2010 – Addition of sodium aluminate and ferric chloride as new products
– Completion of a new 3-floor office building
2011 – Installation of an industrial spray dryer
– Development of high basicity polyaluminium chloride products
– Acquisition of a 4,000 m² warehouse for the storage of packaged goods
– Start-up of production of magnesium sulphate (bitter salts)
2012 – Increase of storage capacity for polyaluminium chloride with 300 m³ storage tanks
– Start of distribution of nitrogen and compound fertilizers from own storage depots in order to enlarge product range
– Acquisition of additional 5,000 m² warehouse
– Setting up of new capacities for the yearly production of 4,000 tons of ultra high basicity polyaluminium chloride
2013 – Upgrading of capacities for the yearly production of 15,000 tons products for construction chemicals
2014 – Acquisition of 8,000 m² warehouse at Hatvan, Hungary, along with the spray drying technology
2015 – Acquisition of subsidiary company Ecolochem GmbH, registered in Langenweißbach, Saxony.
2016 – Subsidiary Ecolochem GmbH acquires chemical plant of Loser Chemie GmbH in Langenweißbach (

In view of the fact that the company’s products are mainly utilized for environmental protection purposes, especially in the water treatment area, the company decided in 2010 to change its name from the former Motim Aluminiumsulfát Kft to EcoloChem Magyaróvár Kft.

The company distributes its products to some 30 national markets, on three different continents and as a result exports account for more than 95 % of sales. In 2010 the yearly output reached 65,000 tons, which makes EcoloChem Magyaróvár Kft the leading producer of aluminium salts in Central Europe.


January, 2016




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